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Climate Science Speakers Bureau

The ACS Illinois Heartland Local Section is pleased to offer a Climate Science Speakers Bureau.   The section was awarded a Climate Science Challenge Grant by the American Chemical Society in the first round of competition (2013).  We have been active in training the Chemistry Clubs in our section to demonstrate climate science chemistry, presenting workshops for teachers, and presenting educational demonstrations a the state and county fairs, Earth Expo, Scary Park and other public events. 


The Speakers are scientists concerned about climate change and the problems that it will create with increasing intensity and cost to society if CO2 emissions continue unabated.   The speakers currently available have brief biographies with an indication of the distances each of us is willing to travel.  For longer distances, some mileage compensation would be appreciated, as well as lodging for a late evening presentation more than 100 miles from our home base. 

The graphs and photos on the right illustrate seven independent lines of evidence for human-induced climate change. The talks will be illustrated and interesting presentations of factual evidence supporting global warming and mankind's contributions.  Actions to begin mitigating the green house gas emissions and their consequences will be presented briefly.   We will tailor the presentation to the audience and can include demonstrations of climate change chemistry and ocean acidification. 


97% of the world's climate scientists agree that global warming  occurs in part due to human activities.  The major scientific organizations of the US, and over one hundred world-wide, have released supporting statements.


  Many Lines of Evidence Support Anthropogenic Climate Change


Increasing CO2 in the Atmosphere

Increasing Surface Temperature of the Earth


Declining Summer Ice - Arctic Ocean


World-wide Glacial Retreat


Warming Ocean Waters


Rising Sea Levels affect Tuvalu Island


Perturbed Synchrony in Nature


Feel free to contact any of the speakers, perhaps talk to several; contact info is in each bio.   We look forward to hearing from you.

Brief biographies are below.  Click on an individual for more information.

Michael Byrns

Brent Chandler

C. Frank Shaw III

Lena Yurs